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Certification15 Our Rating

CertificationU Our Rating

'Happiness' tracks the bittersweet transition as an innocent, simpler lifestyle slowly fades to the seduction of technology and progress in the village of Laya, nestled deep in the Himalayan mountainside of Bhutan. Told through the eyes of Peyangki; a captivating and dreamy nine year old boy, who is sent by his mother to study at the local monastery because she cannot afford to raise all six of her children. Beautiful, sad and... inevitable.

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CertificationU Our Rating

A young lad whose belief in Ol' Saint Nick is beginning to falter is whisked away on The Polar Express, the magical train that appears for only an instant and carries its lucky occupants on a fantastical journey to the North Pole and the very hub of Santa's industry. Starring Tom Hanks in numerous roles this immense 'capture animation' extravaganza is quite a trip and, despite the fact that some may find the actor-based animation a bit odd looking, the story is where it's really at and this ones find out more...