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CertificationPG Our Rating

Hiro is a something of a tech kid prodigy but, having just showcased the merits of micro bots, finds someone else has decided to use them for evil. With the help of an unlikely big white health robot called Baymax and a bunch of enjoyably quirky sidekicks, Hiro takes on the forces of evil in an effort to save the day. A fun film with some good gags, great robots and swell animation.

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Certification15 Our Rating

Following Cobain from his earliest years in Aberdeen, WA, through the height of his fame, a visceral and detailed cinematic insight of an artist at odds with his surrou find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating



Scrat’s pursuit of the nirvana acorn causes yet another continental cataclysm which plunges our three bestest buddies into yet another perilo find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Bullied at school by day and psychologically tormented by the sounds of his seemingly average parents' S&M sex games at night; the teenage Ichi slowly becomes conditioned to equate pain with pleasure. Initially in frustrated denial of the fact that he finds himself sexually aroused by acts of violence, Ichi gains a small measure of self-acceptance when he meets and is seduced by a beautiful, tough and extremely masochistic young girl. Already one hundred percent sadistic and almost totally dysfu find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Suzu Urano moves to the small town of Kure in Hiroshima, in 1944, to live with her husband's family. As her home town is bombed, rations tighten and devastation hits, Suzu puts on a brave face. A story of perseverance and the indomitable nature of the human spirit, In This Corner of the World is poignant and heart breaking.

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Certification18 Our Rating

Eight months after a disastrous job in Kiev left him physically and mentally scarred, ex-soldier turned contract killer, Jay, is pressured by his partner, Gal, into taking a new assignment. As they descend into the dark and disturbing world of the contract, Jay begins to unravel once again, his fear and paranoia sending him deep into the heart of darkness. An find out more...