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Certification15 Our Rating

Seth is a college drop out but that doesn't mean he's without ambition, and in particular the desire for wealth. Introduced to a young, aggressive brokerage firm, Seth is soon seduced by the earning potential and fast living lifestyle on offer, but as his morals slip so the FBI close in on a fraud that is leaving the company's clients financially crippled. Boiler Room is a fast paced and well acted movie that veers effectively between character drama and tense thriller. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

A multi-stranded tale of tragedy after tragedy unfolds against an icy Finnish backdrop. Following the sacking of a school teacher we follow a chain of misfortune from victim to victim; a loser car-thief, an ex-alcoholic vacuum salesman, who falls off the wagon in spectacular style, a depressed policewoman, a computer hacker and the policewoman's husband amongst others. A dark, uncompromising film which shows how fickle and cruel fate can be. There are some moments of humour but they are jet jet find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

The hugely popular and award winning drama that introduced the world to the genius of Dennis Potter. Arthur Parker is a sheet music salesman in 1930s Britain, frustrated by both his wife and his job, but Arthur has ambitions, which allied to his utter lack of common decency and morality have more hope than most of achieving some kind of fruition. Pennies from Heaven is a remarkable tale, blending harsh reality and whimsical fantasy with hypnotic skill, while the central performance by Bob Hoskin find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

In the impoverished mountainous Las Hurdes region of Spain the locals are desperate for income to keep their villages alive and hope that the chance discovery of a cave might provide the lottery ticket to a tourist industry. Two professional cavers arrive, one with girlfriend in tow, and this sets off a series of events, including rape and murder, that embroil several of the characters that we have met. Life is absurd and events can be random in a world where we all wear self-serving blinkers. A find out more...