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Certification18 Our Rating

Halloween 1963; a young and violently unstable Michael Myers takes a brutal revenge on his uncaring and abusive family, butchering his stepfather, his elder sister and her boyfriend. The next 17 years sees the increasingly withdrawn Myers imprisoned in Smith's Grove Sanitorium under the care of Dr Sam Loomis until, one night, Michael escapes and heads home to Haddenfield and to the one person he ever cared about, his baby sister Laurie. find out more...
TUSK (2014)

Certification15 Our Rating

Kevin Smith had a podcast where they made a joke about the idea of kidnapping and turning a human into a walrus. It went viral on the twittersphere. Then it became a movie. This movie. Though the whole thing starts out well, with decent doses of good humour and dramatic tension, it all falls very quickly by the wayside. The result is a ridiculous prosthetic walrus suit that envelops Justin Long. Somewhere inside this mess of a movie there's a punchline, if only Smith could get to it without q find out more...