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Certification18 Our Rating

A portmanteau of 7 short films linked by the common theme of sex. The first is quite bizarre, a series of Balkan myths about sex, some acted out, some in cartoon, real myths or performance art? The second is art based round the male genitalia and its primary function. The fourth, longest and, probably, the best is the Larry Clark one about a bunch of male teens who've answered an ad for a role in a porn flick. It's about them, their attitudes toward sex, their gropings with female porn stars and find out more...
LA BETE (1975)

Certification18 Our Rating

Two centuries after The Beast, a sexual monster, was outclassed by an insatiable French lady he has returned to haunt the dreams of the American fiancee of a seriously deranged aristocratic French heir. 'La Bete' is a gloriously over the top reworking of the Beauty and the Beast myth, dark, twistedly humorous and sexually obsessed tale, very silly… very saucy. find out more...
ONIBABA (1964)

Certification15 Our Rating

A weird story, based on legend, about a mother and her daughter-in-law who survived in times of hardship by murdering Samurai and selling their armour to buy rice. A wonderfully strange and visually striking Japanese folk tale, unusual in itself, but also a beautiful and detailed character study. find out more...