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CertificationE Our Rating

The collection opens with Len Lye's modernist abstraction ‘Tusalava’, which, heavily influenced by Maori and Aboriginal art, shares an interest in ‘primitive’ cultures that was typical of the Modernist movement of the time. It was almost refused a certificate by the puzzled British Board of Censors who suspected that the dancing abstract shapes might be about sex. Lye's own explanation was that it showed the beginnings of organic life. ‘Crossing the Great Sagrada’, is a lowbrow spoof on travel find out more...

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Adapted from three stories by Maupassant. 'Le Masque' describes how an old man wears a mask of youth at a dance hall to extend his youthful memories. 'La Maison Tellier', the longest episode, deals with a day's outing for the ladies from a brothel and a brief romance. In 'Le Modéle' the model in question jumps from a window for love of an artist, who then marries her. These three on old age, purity and marriage are shot with a supreme elegance and sympathy and the central tale in particular luxu find out more...

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When a Woman Ascends the Stairs might be Japanese filmmaker Mikio Naruse's finest hour, a delicate, devastating study of a woman, Keiko, played heartbreakingly by Hideko Takamine, who works as a bar hostess in Tokyo's very modern post-war Ginza district. Sly, resourceful, but trapped, Keiko comes to embody the conflicts and struggles of a woman trying to establish her independence in a male-dominated society. A profoundly moving masterpiece. find out more...