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Certification18 Our Rating

Bill is a young, handsome, successful and wealthy city broker, his only flaws are raging insecurity, arrogance, vanity, cruelty and an insatiable appetite to commit murder. Once Bill has entered into this dark side of his otherwise vacuous personality, he finds the increasingly perverse killings cathartic and completely addictive, his need reaching such a stage that nobody is safe and to enter his apartment is to leave with a good twelve pints of blood short of what you arrived with. American Ps find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Nick Porter sells salesmanship for a living, but the days of being on top of his game are long gone, thanks in no part to his ever losing battle with alcohol. Finally fired and discovering his wife has also decided itís all over on the same day, Nick finds himself on his front lawn with all that is left of is worldly belongings. An adaptation of a Raymond Carver short story, donít expect an archetypal Will Ferrell movie, this a bitter sweet drama...with some humour. A low key, thoughtful and tou find out more...