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TANGLED (2010)

CertificationPG Our Rating

Disney's 50th full-length animated feature film is a twist on the Rapunzel fairy tale played as a comedy adventure. On her 18th birthday Rapunzel escapes from her tower with the help of a charming rogue and so begins the adventure she’s been waiting for.
'Tangled' is a likeable Disney musical, don’t expect Pixar sophistication in the story or script, but for the littlun’s it should do nicely. find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

Disney's superb cartoon version of Hans Christian Andersen's famous tale of a beautiful mermaid, who longs to become human after falling in love with a prince whom she saves from drowning. Great animation, especially the underwater scenes, some fun singalong songs, at long last Disney began to recognize the importance of pop in children's movies. All in all a lot better than some of Disney's immediately preceding kids' films. find out more...