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Certification15 Our Rating

Fed up of the twee Aardman short films about animals in the zoo and the like in the excellent Creature Comforts? Didn't think so... Just in case though, here is an insight into the blacker side of Bristol's finest animation studios sense of humour. This DVD contains 12 episodes of Angry Kid; 4 episodes of Big Jeff; 4 episodes of Rex The Runt and 3 episodes of A Town Called Panic. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Seth Rogen and James Franco made a stupid movie about North Korea because no one stopped them. With the assistance of Lizzy Caplan (who is occasionally funny) the duo journey to North Korea to kill Kim Jong-Un. It's not even really that it's an offensive film - though it may offend some - it's more that it's just a really bad film. And by that I meant boring, sloppy and not at all entertaining. But there are at least some rather good 'James Franco is a twatty TV show host' style scenes.

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Certification12 Our Rating