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CertificationPG Our Rating

A totally stunning critically acclaimed transposition of the well known opera, exploring the legend through various forms of popular Spanish dance and folk-song, primarily flamenco. Complex in its ambitions and achievements, mixing dance rehearsals with sexual encounters, real fights with choreographed rumbles, and all with beautiful Spanish settings. A work of art and great cinema. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

At the peak of her international career, Maria Enders is asked to perform in a revival of the play that made her famous twenty years ago. But back then she played the role of Sigrid, an alluring young girl who disarms and eventually drives her boss Helena to suicide. Now she is being asked to step into the other role, that of the older Helena. She departs with her assistant to rehearse in Sils Maria; a remote region of the Alps. A young Hollywood starlet with a penchant for scandal is to take find out more...

DIVA (1981)

Certification15 Our Rating

One of the most stylish and beautiful films ever made and a cult classic that helped to repopularise French cinema over here. A courier obsessed with a beautiful black opera singer enters an underworld of visual splendour and tortuous emotions where love and desire go a long way to realising dreams. Brilliant! find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Certification Our Rating

Certification15 Our Rating

Certification18 Our Rating

Carmen is a terrorist who falls in love with a young cop guarding a bank that she and her gang try to rob. She leads him on, the pair of them legging it to her film-maker uncle's beach pad, while dragging the two of them closer to their ultimate doom. Carmen runs around naked a lot, string quartets play Beethoven, uncle (Godard himself) can't get his film act together and the romance fizzles out. As for you Bizet fans out there, make of it what you will, but 'Carmen' is in there, albeit in a con find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

For the first time in years, when he learns that his estranged son is gravely ill, ageing fisherman Takata boards the train to Tokyo. When his son refuses to see him daughter-in-law Rie urges Takata to watch the videotape of a documentary his son was filming in rural Yunnan about the local traditional 'nuo opera'. Moved by what he sees, Takata vows to complete his son's work. Though laden with obstacles, his odyssey into rural China, the kinship he develops with a fatherless boy and the villager find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

Powell and Pressburger's follow-up to The Red Shoes is a trio of stories concerning the perils and heartbreak of unrequited love. Although at times uneven and perilously close to kitsch, Hoffman remains a lavish and sumptuous spectacle of dance, music and film. find out more...