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Certification12 Our Rating

In 1965 Yash Pal Suri left India for the UK and on his arrival in England he bought two Super-8 cameras, two projectors and two reel to reel recorders. One set of equipment he sent to his family in India, the other he kept for himself and for 40 years he used it to share his new life abroad with those back home - images of snow, miniskirted ladies dancing bare-legged, the first trip to an English supermarket - his taped thoughts and observations. Back in India Yash's relatives responded with the find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

This touching film is a biography of gay '60s playwright Joe Orton. In his teens Orton was befriended by the older more reserved Kenneth Halliwell and, while the two began a relationship, it's fairly obvious that it wasn't all about sex. Orton loved the dangers of bath-houses and liaisons in public restrooms, while Halliwell, not as charming or attractive as Orton, didn't fare so well in those environs. While both longed to become writers, it was Orton who achieved fame, his plays "Loot" and "Wh find out more...