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NO END (1984)

Certification15 Our Rating

Poland is under martial law, and in 1982 Solidarity is banned. Ulla, a translator working on Orwell, suddenly loses her husband Antek, an attorney; but though dead Antek's ghost continues to observe not only his grieving love but the painful transition of his homeland. One of Keislowski's earlier works, No End is an original and haunting meditation on love and belief deftly combining both affairs of the heart and political drama. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Guillermo Del Toro's blockbusting tale of a young girl struggling to make sense of the violent world around her was a big 2006 arthouse hit. Continuing his exploration of the impact of the Spanish Civil War on his generation (it was also the backdrop for his excellent ghost story, The Devil's Backbone) Del Toro's fantasy mixes strong horror with fairytale-style aesthetics to great effect, making Ofelia's escape into an imaginary realm a poignant response to the cruel realities of her existence. find out more...