A down-beat story of a 13-year-old Berliner, ignored by her mother, drifting into herion addiction and consequent prostitution. A fine soundtrack by her musical hero, David Bowie, accompanies this excellent, if somewhat depressing movie.
When Bruce Willis, a New York cop, gatecrashes an office party in order to speak to his estranged wife he gets a lot more than he bargained for. The office block is taken over by a ruthless group of terrorists threatening to blow it up. A tense cliff-hanging thriller. Action movie of the year.
Digitally remastered widescreen edition of this very intense WW2 Japanese POW camp drama. Bowie is either inspired or insipid, depending on who you listen to, as the self-contained, pale-faced officer who seems to relish the inevitable prospect of the prolonged suffering he faces, exacerbated by camp commandant Sakamoto's obsessive, forbidden feelings for him. Sometimes melodramatic and clumsily symbolic, but hauntingly shot and undeniably powerful.

Tim Allen is the enthusiastic leader of a group of washed-up-actors, who are laboriously trudging round the si-fi conventions 20 years after their show has been axed. However, somewhere in space, a bunch of naive aliens have been watching the shows reruns, and believing that these hammy actors are the genuine article, wish to enlist their help in saving the universe. What follows is a wonderful, and warm hearted satire on all things trekie. Great fun, watch!!!!!

Bowie / Rickman
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