Just simply the best musical ever made. Witty, inventive, brilliant, wonderful and slightly surreal; it manages to parody Hollywood without ever quite descending into self-parody, always retaining its dignity (always dignity...) A must-watch every few years or so.

Streisand plays the widow turned matchmaker who takes on the challenge to find a match for an agricultural merchant and manipulates every situation to her own advantage. A star studded cast lines up in this lavish comedy musical.

Deneuve's first film, and winner of the 1964 Cannes Palme d'Or. Shopgirl Genevieve is left pregnant, when her mechanic boyfriend is sent to war, and marries the rich and honourable man who can give her a decent life. A blissful romance 'Umbrellas' makes escapist play with the stuff of kitchen-sink social realism and every line of dialogue is sung to Michel Legrand's melodious score. Essentially a story of true love lost, elevated by its magical simplicity.

Miike Takashi returns to mess with your minds! The plot revolves around a family who have set up a guest house in the picturesque countryside in anticipation of an influx of tourists due to a new road under construction. Things soon start to go awry when the first guest dies and the family decide to bury him to keep the prospects of their business alive. The plot, however, soon takes a back seat to the audio-visual assault on the senses that follows. Musical numbers are played out with gusto from the excellent cast, mixing genres as they go. The animated sequences borrow heavily from Jan Svankmajer's style and allow for some great surreal plot developments as well as adding to the general se
Grey Days? Gotta Dance!
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