All very stupid but great fun. Arnie battles the forces of a dastardly middle Eastern threat, his wife's suitor and the fact that his sidekick gets the best lines. Lack of credible plot is made up for by suberb effects (notably the Harrier) but all the nuclear business is a bit naff.
One of a new ilk of 80s horror movies in which the weirdos live within society - this time a family of vampires touring small town USA hunting and killing in order to survive. A desperate mob they may be but also very human, so much so that when one meets a normal guy she has to choose her family or him.
The long-awaited special extended version of the brilliant sequel to the sci-fi classic "Alien". Containing seventeen minutes of extra footage showing the previously unexplained background of the terrifying planet where the Alien has bred and which Officer Ellen Ripley must now return to.
Two high-school nerds use a computer to create the perfect woman and not only is she steamy and sexually complicit, but she does the housework. A nice dream for males, which, despite its reactionary views on women, has become a minor cult item. From 1980s teen film master John Hughes.
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