One of the greatest war films ever made; three captured French soldiers, one an aristocrat, one a mechanic and one a Jew, bond together when imprisoned together by German soldiers. Their attempts to escape and their relationships with their captors, especially that between the French aristocrat and his German counterpart, are superbly dramatised in this indictment of the mass slaughter that is war. Subtle, emotive and timeless.
Newman plays a talented jazz composer in Paris, Poitier is his cooler friend. When two American women arrive on holiday the two must decide what has to give the music? Or love? The film features touches of the French 'New Wave' along with a famed Duke Ellington score and Louis Armstrong cameo.
An Egyptian military police band has been invited to Israel by an Arab cultural centre to perform in the town of Petah Tiqva, but due to conversational glitches find themselves descending from the last bus in a desolate Israeli Negev desert town with a similar name and there invited by the locals to stay in their homes for the night.

This critically acclaimed movie is about the close relationship between a widowed father and his affectionate student daughter and shows a collection of scenes from their life. They live in a small Parisian flat, where Lionel escapes from the loneliness of his job and the memories of his losses and from which Josephine, who cannot properly develop her relationships with her neighbours, her surrogate 'mother' or her boyfriend, will soon fly.

Peace and Love
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