Still spooky after all these years this superb Ealing chiller is still the best example of a portmanteau tale. Five guests in a country house relate their tales and the film moves into nightmare territory. Watch it with a friend!
Richard escaped the depressed small town of his birth by joining the army, in doing so he also rescinded responsibility for his naive and simple brother Anthony, inadvertently placing the defenceless lad into the hands of Sonny, a sadistic local drug kingpin. Seven years later Richard has returned, his only focus revenge, now well equipped to exact it and teetering on the edge of sanity. Dead Man's Shoes is a brutal, hypnotic tale, which tears along at a breathless pace thanks in large part to Paddy Considine's powerhouse performance. Disturbing, touching, hard arsed and utterly engrossing.
Shortly after coming to live with orphans Flora and Miles in their dark, eerie mansion, the new governess begins to realise that her young charges share their bodies with evil spirits and sets about trying to save the children from their fate at increasing personal risk to herself. Based on Henry James' gothic ghost tale "The Turn Of The Screw", 'The Innocents' is rich in malevolent atmosphere, a classic spine chiller.
His parents think they've bought Andy the perfect birthday present - a "Good Guy" doll - but why is Andy saying Chucky is alive, and why has he appeared at the scene of two shocking murders? A powerful tale of voodoo and the macabre. You'll never trust Barbie or Action Man again!
"The horror!"
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