A truly epic epic and winner of 7 Academy Awards. Lawrence serves British colonial interests during the First World War by uniting the Arabs against the fast collapsing Ottoman Empire. Stupendous cinemascope drama with a cast of thousands and some of cinema's most famous shots; Sheik Ali's emergence from the desert haze and the storming of Aquaba for example. This is the director's cut, a more coherent version than the original cinema release.
In a move designed to subordinate the Catholic Church to the state, Henry II gave the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury to his close friend and ally Thomas Becket. With Becket now installed as his 'man on the inside' Henry could be forgiven for thinking that the church would more easily acquiesce to his bidding. Henry, however, had neither bargained on Becket's ecclesiastical fervour nor realized his zealous nature. Thus the stage was set for one of the greatest battles of supremacy between Church and King in British history....."Who will rid me of this turbulent priest " and so forth. A moving adaptation with a richly observed historical background!
A sexy, stylish thriller, starring two of Hollywood's hottest properties in an exhilirating adaptation of Elmore Leonard's novel. Taking in locations from Miami to Detroit, and set to a fast and funky soundtrack, this is a crime caper with a forbidden, sizzling romance at its core. Habitual bank robber Jack Foley (Clooney) is the original lovable rogue, newly escaped from jail, who's got a $5 million diamond stash in his sights, and drop-dead gorgeous Deputy Marshal Karen Sisko (the awesome Lopez) is hot on his scent. Very groovy.
A man deformed by a rare illness is taken up and patronised by fashionable London society - another freak show for the elephant man to be exhibited in. David Lynch's highly individual style here perfectly complements the film's material. A dark and brooding, yet sympathetic and sentimental film.
Anne V Coates
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