A very unimaginative title hides a magnificently stylish and engaging black comedy. When a mysterious stranger returns home, the town is awash with rumours and theories regarding his past. The bookish Audrey takes a special interest. From the director of "Trust", a low key, clever satire.
Stunningly filmed in black and white, this classic slice of surrealist cinema is both touching and terrifying. A doctor, tortured beyond sanity after disfiguring his only daughter, sets out to give her back what he has taken away, at the expense of a succession of suitable young donors. A darkly disturbing marvellous movie.


Ever since his wife was horribly burned in a car crash, Dr. Robert Ledgard, an eminent plastic surgeon, has devoted himself to cultivating a new kind of skin. After twelve years Ledgard finally succeeds, what he requires now is an accomplice; a human guinea pig and an utter lack of scruples. A dark, psychological horror from Pedro Almodovar.



The death of a fellow guest in a hotel deep in the Sahara allows a world weary journalist, Nicholson, to switch identity. Gradually as he follows the trail of his new personality he discovers that the guy was no ordinary businessman but an international arms dealer. The movie, though, is less about plot than a haunting languid atmosphere which moves from the desert to London, Munich, Barcelona and the Catalan countryside. The best of Antonioni's three English-language pictures; this, Blow-Up and Zabriskie Point, and featuring the classic line, 'I used to be somebody else... but I traded him in'. Check it out.

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