This quintessional road movie, made in black and white, views life through two men travelling round Germany. This creates a loosely-framed structure in which to investigate various subjects with emotional honesty, stunning visuals, lack of contrivance and great music. Subtitled.


An American-German returns to the FDR in 1945 to work as a waiter on a new train, the previous one having been derailed but finds the changes superficial and the new consumerism cloaks sinister unbroken threads from the past. Haunting and hypnotic, literally. An art-house must-see.

In the austere aftermath of the Spanish Civil War young Anna sees "Frankenstein" at a travelling cinema, she becomes obsessed with the monster and her discovery of a fugitive, sheltering in a nearby house, only adds to her fear. Erice's eerie insight into children's imaginations is a lyrical, moving drama.
Voyage To Cythera

An old communist returns to Greece after 32 years in the Soviet Union. However, things aren't the way he had hoped for.

Europa Europa
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