A young tennis star meets a looney on a train who proposes that they swap murders. The looney, to the star's dismay, starts to carry out his side of the bargain. A film that shows Hitchcock's technique at its suspenseful best.
Dickie Greenleaf (Law) has pretty much everything; good looks, the love of a beautiful woman, a charm and charisma that is hypnotic, and courtesy of his millionaire father, wealth and the idle time to spend it as he chooses. Idyllically ensconced on the summer coast of Italy, Dickie unwittingly invites Tom Ripley (Damon), a young man with none of Dickie's financial advantages but a sociopathic determination to have them, to share his world. What begins as an intriguing drama develops into a dark tense thriller as our anti-hero bludgeons and deceives his way ever closer to his ambition. The Talented Mr Ripley is a classy film, flawlessly convincing with some superb acting, Jude Law's performa
Roy is a nerve racked small time con man, and very successful in his own, increasingly reluctant, little way. Frank is the young man Roy's teaching everything he knows and Angela is the teenage daughter an unsuspecting Roy has just acquired. Matchstick Men is a delight; sharp, witty, touching, genuinely tense on occasion and sublimely performed.
Everything takes place over the course of just 24 hours in the hive of hustle and bustle that is Buenos Aires. A young con artist is spotted and recruited by a master of the game and together they set in motion a crime of fantastical audacity; But for two men who've made their living from the art of deception the temptation for a double cross is almost too much to bear. Nine Queens is an incredibly sharp thriller that just gives you enough time to grasp what's happening before making another wild side-step that leaves your confident predictions of what's going on and whose responsible utterly redundant. Taught, clever, tense and witty this is a class piece of cinema.
Janus: Double Cross!
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