This is the director's cut of the 1933 classic. It contains several scenes that were originally excised and is taken from a restored archive print. Kong looks as terrifying as ever and there is also a half-hour documentary of celebrating the 60th anniversary of the making of King Kong. Excellent stuff.
Film Noir from the Ealing funny man! Mackendrick's US debut is a rat-trap of a movie in which a vile NY gossip hustler (Tony Curtis) grovels for his 'Mr Big' (Burt Lancaster). Lancaster plays JJ Hunsecker, a monstrous, amoral and incestuous news columnist obsessed with wrecking his kid sister's romance. The dark streets stink of corruption and fear. Amoral and awesome with a great jazz soundtrack.
A veteran newsman flips when fired after 25 years and in his penultimate broadcast reports his imminent on screen suicide. The ratings shoot up so highly that his now kookie ravings justify his retention. Full of deliciously observed scenes as a behind the scenes struggle for media power commences.

From Louder Than War, Jamie Havlin takes a look at a ground-breaking horror movie from the early 1980s that Martin Scorsese named as one of the scariest films of all time. 

Inspired as the end credits inform us, by ‘a true incident that took place in Los Angeles, California, in October 1976′, The Entity tells the story of Carla Moran (Barbara Hershey), a single mother with a teenage son and two younger daughters who is training to become a typist.

So far, so ordinary. Until one night she returns home and appears to be attacked by an unseen force.

Later that evening while reading a paperback, the jewellery on her bedroom table starts to rattle

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