In the Western Desert of 1942, a battle-weary army officer is driving an ambulance to the safety of Alexandria. One of his passengers, a stray South African, saves the group from enemy capture, but an uneasy feeling begins to grow that he may in fact be a German spy. Superb war movie with a Stella cast - sorry couldn't help the pun!

Italians, Koreans and African Americans are struggling to keep a lid on the tensions within their Brooklyn community, but Sal's pizza parlour provides the perfect social hub for the neighbourhood. However, as a sweltering hot day drags slowly on, racial tensions evolve from petty bickering to full scale violence and ... WHY WON'T THAT GUY TURN OFF HIS FREAKIN' RADIO!!!! Excuse me. A controversial but mature film from Spike Lee. Incendiary, compelling and highly recommended.


As kids, many of us wanted nothing more than to be treated like an adult. Of course, the cruelty of age is that as adults we often pine for the freedom of being a kid. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts connects to both of these wishes, each vividly informing his first feature film The Kings of Summer. The story of this Sundance standout centers on three boys who want to rush into manhood - or at the very least escape the rule of their parents. So, they run away into the woods for the summer, and build their own house where they will rule. An instant classic in the vein of Stand By Me, The Kings of Summer perfectly captures the feel of restless youth, from the glory of idle


The death of a fellow guest in a hotel deep in the Sahara allows a world weary journalist, Nicholson, to switch identity. Gradually as he follows the trail of his new personality he discovers that the guy was no ordinary businessman but an international arms dealer. The movie, though, is less about plot than a haunting languid atmosphere which moves from the desert to London, Munich, Barcelona and the Catalan countryside. The best of Antonioni's three English-language pictures; this, Blow-Up and Zabriskie Point, and featuring the classic line, 'I used to be somebody else... but I traded him in'. Check it out.

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