Against a backdrop of war-torn Romania, four men gather for their annual dinner, hosted by Dr Daniel Pavenic and served by his enigmatic housekeeper, Ana. But the civilized atmosphere begins to fade as Pavenic decides to tell Ana's story and of his lifelong passion for her. Intensely theatrical.

A fascinating, sometimes disappointing but highly affecting film, from the superb Nicholas Roeg about a young English architect who moves to an isolated Irish cottage and falls victim to a spell cast by the local matriarch.

Typically Roegian examination of the price we pay to get what we want; Hackman plays a prospector who strikes it rich in the 20s and then hangs around in his Bahamas pad wondering what the rest of his life can hold. It turns out that this is his bored, alcoholic wife, his headstrong daughter, her money grubbing hubby and a bunch of gangsters who want his island. Slightly smoother than the usual nervy Roeg style, but bold, stylish and gratifyingly enigmatic. Cosmic.
A truly mesmerising adaptation of Walter Tevis's sci-fi tale, and, whatever your opinion of David Bowie's acting skills, few could deny that nobody, but nobody, could fill this role so flawlessly. Newton is an alien, sent to Earth on a mission to save his own race, whose knowledge of the world is derived solely from monitoring TV broadcasts. Newton begins an all-too-obviously doomed romance with a besotted Candy Clark, the archetypal all-American girl, but the love affair turns sour as Newton's extraterrestrial financial genius brings him closer to world domination and a return to loved ones in another universe.
Gone Roeg
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