Peter Yates' Oscar-winner is a heart-warming coming-of-age story that has also taken its place as the greatest sports movie about cycling ever made. Four friends graduate from high-school and find themselves looking at an uncertain future in small-town America. Dave's passion is cycling and his dream is to be a world-class champion like the Italians he idolises. His passion for cycling takes on new meaning when he and his friends face a team from the local college in the town's annual bike race, the Little 500. A classic of feel good cinema and a kind of missing link between Big Wednesday and American Graffiti, this is an often overlooked masterpiece.

Two best friends leave their Arkansas town for a weekend break, but become fugitives before crossing the state line. As the police get closer the friends grow farther away from the women they were when they first left town. Their hair comes down as they take to the fugitive life but they grow ever out of control of their own situation. Wrongly hailed as an anti-man flick upon its original release, this feminist classic has become a landmark in the history of film. Davis and Sarandon were dually nominated for Best Actress.
An old Bull Terrier, a Siamese Cat and a Labrador set off on a hazardous journey across 200 rugged miles in order to rejoin their human family. A typically mawkish Disney adventure story, but absolutely ideal for the family get together.
Hiller is the headstrong young girl who travels to Scotland to marry a rich old man but falls for a seemingly poor young naval rating. Lyrically shot in monochrome it beautifully combines romance, comedy, suspense and a sense of the supernatural. Powell and Pressburger's most eloquent paean to the Brit landscape.
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